Italy Population 2019

The population of Italy is 62,334,799. See how Italy ranks compared to all world countries in 2019.

Map of Italy with world location, topography, capital city, and nearby major cities.

Annual Population

Population Italy World Rank

Population data from International Data Base (IDB) from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Year Population World Rank People SqKM

Birth Rates

Annual Birth Rates

Births Per 1,000 People.

Year Births Per 1,000

Death Rates

Annual Death Rates

Deaths Per 1,000 People.

Year Deaths Per 1,000

Migration Rates

Annual Migration Rates

Net Migrants Per 1,000 People.

Year Migration Rate

Rate of Natural Increase (RNI) %

Annual RNI Rates

Birth Rate Minus Death Rate.

Year RNI Rate %

Rate of Growth %

Annual Population Growth Rates

Birth Rate Minus Death Rate, Plus Migration.

Year Growth Rate %

Rate of Infant Mortality

Annual Infant Mortality Rates

Less Than One Year Old, Deaths Per 1,000 Infants.

Year Infant Mortality Rate Per 1,000

Rate of Child Mortality

Annual Child Mortality Rates

Ages One to Five Years Old, Deaths Per 1,000 Children.

Year Child Mortality Rate Per 1,000

Life Expectancy

Life Expectancy

Years of Expected Life.

Year Life Expectancy Years

Fertility Rate

Rate of Fertility

Average Children Born Per Woman.

Year Fertility Rate %
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